Experienced multi-disciplinary team

Our field-trained staff from different engineering disciplines enables YOU to receive battery analytics in depth from us.


State-of-the-art Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory benefits from our constant investment in the latest technology equipment. We know how YOU can benefit from it.



Based on our large variety of calibrated test equipment we can follow YOUR test standard for a wide range of batteries from SLI to industrial batteries.



We summarise our findings in a detailed and transparent report to YOU.

Test Capabilities

  • Capacity tests up to 2,000Ah - 200V batteries
  • High power tests up to 80kW 
  • Cycle life test
  • Internal resistance test
  • Impedance analysis test
  • High precision measurements down to nanovolt and picoampere levels
  • Subharmonic frequency analysis
  • Self-discharge test
  • Faulty cell detection
  • Root cause analysis of faulty batteries
  • Up to 60 channel high speed data logging
  • Ultra-low speed measurements down to μHz region
  • High speed measurements in MHz region
  • Chemical analysis

Troubleshooting Expertise

We know the main disagreement points between battery manufacturers and end-users. We are offering our test services to identify an existing problem in a battery whether it is a low capacity, faulty cell, high heat dissipation, increased resistance or electrolyte impurity, etc. 

Next to having advanced test systems in our centre, we are proposing unique data logger systems. These are robust to work in harsh environments and can monitor the working conditions of batteries for months. As a result, there are more data to identify the root cause of the problem. 

Test Cycles

AENESA can follow any defined test standard or simulate field conditions on a test bench. We are able to conduct many tests from small scooter batteries to heavy duty industrial batteries. The test equipment is constantly calibrated and certified while the climate chambers are observed via independent sensors.

On-site services

AENESA offers to install our proven data logging equipment on the battery at your location. The data are collected 24/7 and will be used to analyse the battery in operation, no matter how harsh the environmental conditions. The findings and conclusions will be presented in a comprehensive report to you.

Impedance Analysis

AENESA can analyse the impedance spectrum of your battery. Based on test results, AENESA proposes electric equivalent circuit models for your electrochemical cells or half-cell electrodes. Via these models, we can simulate your battery in a software environment and thus considerably reduce the test time.

State of Health (SOH) Analysis

A capacity test alone or internal resistance measurement does not confirm the state of health of a battery. AENESA is able to estimate precisely the state of health via our own sophisticated subharmonic battery analysis for you.